The Key to Work Life Balance!

Work Life Balance

As an entrepreneur and full time dental hygienist, work life balance can be a struggle. I always find it hard to put my phone down and be present. As a business owner and constantly working on new ideas and projects, I have FOMO. Fear of missing out on what is being sent to me in a message, email, text, etc. I’m always trying to post on every platform for my business and still share personal moments with friends and family. How do you juggle it all?

With the holiday just passing, over the last month I tried to be more present. To put my phone down and have me time, family time, and enjoy what’s going on in front of me. These are the few tips I have to help you juggle the struggle of always having that phone in your hand!

1. Make specific times where you just put it away and put it on silent. Every night from 7-9 I put my phone away.

2. Pre-plan my social media posts and got a scheduler so that I have to spend an hour a week planning content and then it posts for me each day!

3. Fight the urge to pick your phone up! It is so hard to do but you can do it!

4. I set a timer at the house. I give myself 30-45 minutes depending on my meetings to update website, marketing ads, and tweaking existing content.

5. I don’t schedule meetings certain days of the week and keep that time for my husband and me.

Implementing these few tips have helped me reduce my screen time, be more focused when I’m on my phone or laptop, and be more organized. I get more work done in a shorter amount of time because I’ve made a basic plan for what I’m going to attack during that screen time. I’ve reduced my stress level, and felt clearer on the direction things are going.

Working full time, and having a responsibilities at home and with a business can seem overwhelming. I also get up early to work out and get work done before the rest of the house is up. This helps get my day started and give myself a mental break. Working out has helped reduce my overall stress and has made me so much happier and I feel good too which is plus!

Remember you can achieve anything you want to if you have the right mindset, motivation, and determination to succeed. Things take time to develop and mistakes are just bumps in the road to your success. Keep pushing forward and don’t look back, only forward!


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