Paw Elementary Series and Great Giveaways!

This week I launched a kickstarter campaign for my book series called Paw Elementary!

Paw Elementary was created to help families prepare their children for potentially scary first experiences like going to the dentist, getting their first haircut, or learning how to swim. I want to help families in tackling children's fearful firsts head on before getting to the appointment. The books use a show-do-tell method that allows the child to submerse themselves into the experience, through a book. Allowing them to express their fears, emotions and share with their families how they feel and more importantly to ask questions. The hope is that the child will find a friend in the characters and realize that while it is okay to be scared, it is equally important to be brave.

The series is also built to encourage children to spread kindness in different acts- each book has an encouragement card that can be purchased as a companion piece. The characters all have certain things that they help children focus on- bravery, positivity, creativity, and courage. It's important for children to feel safe in expressing themselves in a healthy way and if that means that they confide in family, friends, and teachers about their fears, then that is great. It is also important that they have the same kindness given back to them. The series promotes kindness and acts that will help children be friendly, caring, and understanding. While we can't stop light teasing from siblings and friends, we can encourage children to not bully and be kind!

Paw Elementary was born when my husband and my fur-child, Roxy, crossed the rainbow bridge in 2017. It was her that inspired me to create this series, I felt she was an amazing support in my life and I wanted to share her with everyone in a book. My hope is that children find a friend in Roxy and can bring her on their adventures too. Each character in the series holds a special place in my heart- they are pets from my past and present, or pets of my family and friends.

The illustrator has done an amazing job drawing them to reflect their true personalities and I couldn't be happier with how these books have come out. Learn more about Roksana here.

Currently, the series is two children's books, an activity book, and a plush with other small add ons. Coming out soon is book 3 in the series and I'm currently running my kickstarter campaign for it. Check it out here.

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The series has an encouragement card set to go with each book, bookmark, and cute stickers. With this kickstarter, we hope to be able to make a second plush and some pins! So stay tuned and any support is appreciated! Thanks for coming on this journey to help children with me!


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