New Year, Same ME!

Every Year on this day, people start talking about New Years Resolutions and HONESTLY I don’t like it. Here is why....

Why do we feel that we need to push things off til January 1 to start something?  Why do we think it's a new year I'm going to change? Most people don't change and are who they are. More importantly, and personally, I use to be this person.

Every year I'd tell my husband, friends, and family that I'm going to finally lose weight or do something I've been wanting to do or felt I needed to do and guess what? I fell off.

Have I changed? No, I don't think so, I think that I found my passion, drive, and motivation to step out of my comfort zone. It all started with my mindset- I decided one day, that “I'm going to start a business today” and so I did in October of 2018. I could of very well said, no I'll wait til January because it will be busy and hectic and I'm tired. But I learned that this is what life is, full of unexpected and expected things to come up causing people to be busy and hectic. I also decided back in August to finally get healthy, not fit, and not to necessarily lose weight but to mentally and physically feel better.

It came to a point that I didn't want to look at myself, felt unattractive, ugly, and depressed. No matter how many times my loved ones offered to help. I WASN'T READY! I took a former student of mine to point out to me how overweight I was, and no it wasn't in a nice way. But thank you to that person, because that was one of the reasons my mindset shifted. I used that hurt and anger to fuel my drive to feel better. Instead of coming home from work and eating my emotions and saying I need a drink. I found other ways to deal with my issues, I didn't realize it then but I was coping with life in such an unhealthy way that it became a vicious cycle. Getting help is okay, and I found working out has really helped with clarity, mental relief, and gives me an outlet to release those emotions in a healthy way. Here are some helpful tips to get started.

1. Reflect

2. What are your goals

3. Write down three goals

4. Break down those goals into mini goals

5. Cross them off each time you achieve that goal

6. Hang it up somewhere you can see it daily.

7. Write three motivating words example (Fierce, Drive, You are Worthy)

8. Hang it up on your mirror

9. Start manifesting

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I tell you all of this in hopes to motivate you, to not wait to go after a goal or dream you've wanted. To stop making excuses and start today or tomorrow. Don't make resolutions out of feeling like you have to do it to fit in, do it for YOU. I encourage you to sit down and reflect on your last year, 5 years and write down the things you want to accomplish. Then take that list of goals and break it down to small tasks. This is the first step to manifesting your goals! To the people who wished they started a new platform for their hobby, weight loss, finished school, went back to school, or started that business! Do it, it's never too late. Take more time to care for yourself and to do the things that help make you happy. 2020 is your year to manifest, take control of your life, and for self-love. Here is to a year of growth, love, and more kindness.


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