Motivate your Mind!

Have you been wanting to start a new path, but nervous to take the plunge? Or have you been itching to try something new, but you feel like you're too much in your head about it?

That's okay! I can teach you 10 simple steps you can take to shift your mindset so that you can reach your fullest potential!

With most things, being able to take that first step is usually the hardest and most terrifying. We tend to think too much and not want to step out of our comfort zone to obtain the things we desire most. Most people leave their dreams, just as that and regret in the future for never trying to make them obtainable goals.

Mindset Shift:

Tip 1: Make a reverse pyramid- by writing 5 things across the top of a piece of paper that you want to do that could get you to the ultimate goal. I will give an example.

Take a writing class write a short story create a story board mediate for 10 minutes Read a book

Those five things that I wrote. If I use those as starting points, they will help me ultimately become an author down the line of goals that I create. The point of this exercise is to create small goals that aren't over whelming. This will help you be able to check them off as you go and also see where you need to focus more on. Next you would write down four goals that stemmed off of the original five goals. Then three, two, one .... you're main goal.

For me, becoming an author or publishing a book would be my main goal and everything above it would be the smaller steps I took to get to that point. Everything you do is another step towards your goal and the journey to get to that goal is where the magic happens.

Tip 2: Find podcasts, YouTube videos, and social media influencers that inspire you. Listening and following like minded people will help give you ideas, motivate, and inspire you. This will also help you see that it's normal to have struggles and real expectations on time frames to set for your goals. With that being said, no two journeys are the same; it is important to remember that as you go down your path. Not setting this expectation can cause set backs and a feeling of failure.

Tip 3: Do some journaling and soul searching. What I mean by this, is to set aside quiet time that will allow you to reflect on your life, think about where you want to go with your life, and to acknowledge passions, aspirations and things you want to accomplish. Write down these thoughts. Finding your purpose and something that you are truly passionate about will help you set your journey on fire! It really is an amazing thing to see and feel, this one thing can set you apart from others- passion and purpose is contagious- you can literally see it when you talk about it!

Tip 4: Research!!!!

Take time to look into what you are trying to do or would like to do. Learn, and then learn some more. This will not only help prepare you for what you are trying to do, but it will also help you from hitting unnecessary road blocks because you weren't prepared. It is also okay, if after all of this your original idea or path changes. From day one to day 365 - things will change and your road map will reflect that. Don't resist the change, change is good, change is you evolving and growing.

Tip 5: Be adaptable.

What I mean here is that you can't be stuck in your ways about everything. You should be unbend-able about really big important things to you, especially if it's ethical or something your passion suggests you should stick to. However, a lot of entrepreneurial paths have the mindset that you need to be flexible and able to go with the flow and not everything will be as you once thought. This is how you will grow and do it gracefully. You want people to see you as approachable and someone who is willing to learn from mistakes or other people who have lived those mistakes.

Tip 6: Get a deck of encouragement cards or inspirational cards.

Pull one once a week to help reset your mindset into a positive path. It is easy to get bogged down and feel like your stuck in a rut as you are plugging along in your business. Make sure you hit that reset button and start each week off on the right foot. You don't want to carry the burdens of last week, month, etc. While it is important to learn, it is also equally important to learn and let go of these setbacks or failures to enable you to continue to grow. We all make mistakes and if someone tells you otherwise, then I would be cautious of that. No one is perfect!

Tip 7: Put down your phone!

As a entrepreneur, I have learned that working all day, every day is exhausting, and limits you to your personal life. Set boundaries in your business is important for your sanity and the health of your business in the long run. You don't want to get burnt out and you also don't want to isolate yourself from your loved ones. Have designated down time, where you don't pick it up, answer any calls or emails or texts!!!

Tip 8: Start off your day right.

Whether it's a jam session of your favorite music while you get ready or listening to podcast or working out. Do something to help provide clarity and positivity each day. For me, it's yoga or weightlifting that gets my day off to a great start. If I'm not working out, then I do a jam session before getting in my car and listening to a podcast. Once I made the time to implement this into my routine, my mindset completely changed. ME time is important!

Tip 9: It's okay to change your mind.

I always hang my goals up on my vision board. This is something I look at everyday, and as we evolve and grow, the visions and goals we once had will change and evolve. The experiences that you set yourself on to reach your goals, may show you a different path or way to obtain the goals or the goals itself may shift. That is okay! This is why I say two journeys are never the same!

Tip 10: Do it at your pace!

Do not, I repeat, do not compare yourself to other people! I can't stress this enough, because social media and watching other people- it can make you feel inadequate and question what you are doing wrong or why their life seems to be going so much better. News flash is that people tend to share only positive experiences and not the bumps, crashes, and complete failures that they experience in between the positive things. Use those things to inspire you, to congratulate them, and to give you ideas. Don't put all your eggs in that basket though! Be vulnerable and express the authentic you, it goes a long way and people appreciate that more than you think!

Mindset shift is all about how you want to be- do you want to be sad, miserable and feeling unworthy? The odds are probably not- so work to shift that mindset. See the simple blessing you have each day and use that to set the tone. That way when the big wins come, it will feel like that instead of finally or what took so long. Enjoy the journey, and remember if it was easy, everyone would do it.


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