Building Your Brand

New to entrepreneur life? Don't know where to start... building your brand is so important for you and your potential clientele. How does one start to build there brand? Well I'm going to break it down for you in 5 steps! You can also listen to my building your brand YouTube video here!

Step 1: Figure out your niche. Who is your ideal client? What are you really good at and want to focus on? Once you establish this, you can set a plan in motion to build your business.

Step 2: Business name and color scheme. This is huge. Once you market yourself this way, it will be hard to revamp and change the way you're viewed to your clients. Think about it and right down different ideas. Research them, to make sure there isn't something that already exists with that name / isn't the same as your business.

*I have the same logo's in these two color schemes- One on the left is for my children's series of books and the one on the right is for my course work and romance novel series.

Step 3: Brand yourself, get your website together- you want your URL to be easy to say and remember. The color schemes should match well on your website too, this is all in the branding of who you are and what you represent.

Step 4: Build your platform- social media- IG, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linked In are popular social media platforms to utilize to grow your email list, clientele, and potential clients. Remember your brand should be uniform across all platforms and website.

Step 5: Make sure you register your business appropriately with the state and IRS. This will help protect anyone else from using your business name down the line.

View my website and social media to see how I branded myself! @12pawspubllc and

I'm an author and teach courses. You can find out more about me by sending me a message, subscribing to my blog, and by following me on social media! Good Luck and keep pushing on! You got this!


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