Author Spotlight Shana Gorian

Growing up in Pennsylvania during the 1970’s and 80’s, 'childhood' meant meeting the neighborhood kids at the clubhouse in the woods, playing kickball in the street, racing red wagons, and catching lightning bugs. That independence and adventure Gorian knew from a young age now plays a profound role in the stories she tells through her books.

Originally a graphic designer by trade, Shana Gorian worked in front end web design for nine years, most notably for CSTV, the online network of schools eventually acquired by CBS College Sports. As a senior designer, she created the look and feel for for dozens of Division One university athletic department sites before leaving the work force to raise her children.

Years later, after her children went off to elementary school, and holding B.A. in writing from the University of Pittsburgh, Gorian began to fulfill the need for a creative outlet by writing stories for her kids. She published her first children's book in 2014 and has continued adding to the five-star series ever since. She is currently working on her sixth book, with an expected publication in 2019.

With her Rosco the Rascal stories, Gorian attempts to evoke the simple sense of freedom and imagination that she experienced as a child. Her books portray the adventures of a brother and sister and their mischievous dog-turned-hero, and are based in combination on her own idyllic childhood and her children’s experiences with the modern day world. The real-life family German shepherd upon whom the title character is based provides the creative spark for a host of sometimes humorous but always heroic undertakings.

An avid lover of the great outdoors, Gorian can often be found hiking trails, walking the real-life Rosco with her children, or riding bicycles, searching for ways to relive her childhood. The trips invariably lead to new ideas for more books.

Rosco the Rascal and the Holiday Lights

A community project in December has resulted in a first place win for James' and Mandy's glimmering, decked-out neighborhood. But now that they've won the contest, the neighbors must pull off a seamless opening night of the famed Holiday Lights Tour, in which hundreds, if not thousands of visitors will come to marvel at the Christmas displays. So, will some petty competition between friends ruin the fun for ten-year-old James? And worse, when Rosco the rascally dog tries to make up for foolish behavior, inadvertently starting an off-the-leash dog rampage across sidewalks and lawns on opening night, will the whole neighborhood's displays be completely destroyed? In addition, James's seven-year-old sister, Mandy, struggles with faulty costume construction at her school train parade that week, resulting in more than just disappointment. Find out if the boys can come together to stop the undisciplined pack of dogs, salvage opening night, and save their friendship, and find out if Mandy can learn to appreciate her independence. A heart-warming, realistic, and contemporary action-packed Christmas adventure, ideal for boys and girls alike, this is the fifth book in the Rosco the Rascal early middle grade series for kids.

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Shana has been kind enough to participate in 12 Paws Publishing, LLC’s “A Pawsitively Fun Holiday Giveaway” this month! Check out all the great books you can win and enter to win!

Learn more about Shana Gorian on LinkedIn. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook. See the Rosco the Rascal collection on her website.

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