Author C.G. Adler Spotlight

C.G.Adler is a retired elementary school teacher. She enjoys her family time with her daughters and grandchildren. She also spends time with her dogs, enjoying the beach and writing children’s stories that will promote caring and responsibility toward other children and their pets.

The Grandma Smiley Book series which is about a grandmother who bakes magical muffins with her grandchildren. The muffins turn into puppies for playmates and life long friends for her grandchildren. The series shows love between the generations and children's love and responsibility toward their pets. You can find her books on her website.

If you are seeking a wonderful children’s adventure book, then Grandma Smiley’s Magical Playmates is waiting to whisk you away on an unforgettable adventure. Featuring a cast of amazing characters - including Grandma Smiley herself, her four grandchildren and her two fantastical playmates - this is the tale of love, magic, and discovery as we follow Grandma’s grandchildren on an extraordinary day with a Grandma like no other!

This inspiring family book isn’t just for children aged 3 to 8,  it’s a treat for parents and little ones alike. This story will bring smiles of joy, and inspire grown-ups to bring a little more magic into their homes.

We all know how inspiring children’s books can be. Grandma Smiley’s Magical Playmates is sure to stay in your heart and mind for years to come, and features

        - Stunning illustrations

        - Astounding character artwork

        - A children’s story packed full of enchantment and surprises

         - and plenty of secret magic, waiting to be discovered!

C.G. Adler has been kind enough to participate in 12 Paws Publishing, LLC’s “A Pawsitively Fun Holiday Giveaway” this month! Check out all the great books you can win and enter to win!

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You can follow Grandma Smiley’s and C.G. Adler’s journey on her social media @mmmchildrensbooks and on her website.

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