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Abigail McKee lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, in Western Washington. She grew up in a small town in Eastern, WA about two hours South of Spokane. Abigail loves living in Washington. Washington has the mountains, lakes, and the ocean here on the West side of the Cascades and lots of farmland, deserts and more lakes on the Eastside. Washington is a beautiful place to live. Traveling outside of WA is on her bucket list though. Abigail wants to go to Tuscany, Italy; New York City to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, and go to Hawaii, to name a few places.

Sounds like great research trips for more Cricket and Milo books. She has published an additional book in the "Cricket and Milo" series, 'Cricket and Milo Visit London.' This book was inspired by her daughter's trip to London with her best friend this past February. Abigail has also published her first holiday book, 'Margery the Cute Little Witch Finds Boo.' Margery came to her a few years ago when she was at a Halloween party and she saw this little witch on an orange napkin. Margery gets her name from her grandmother who was very special to Abigail.

She truly enjoys writing and looks forward to the new year. She has several book ideas that she will be writing and bring to life with illustrations.

Abigail is married to a wonderful man, who is very supportive of her writing. They bought their first house this past summer, in Lake Stevens. They enjoy living away from the city. She has enjoyed planting flower beds, a blueberry bush and watching humming birds in the backyard. It is a peaceful area.

In addition to these books Abigail also co-authored a romance novel called, 'The Magic of Burrows Bay,' with a very dear childhood friend, Lorri Moulton.

The series was inspired by their dog Cricket, who is blind, she passed away in May and Milo is Abigail's friend’s dog. She decided to make him Cricket’s seeing eye dog in her stories.

Izzy is her 8 year old tuxedo cat that Abigail took in 4 years ago, Luna the grey Russian Blue cat that she rescued from the streets near her house, she’s 7 months old, and Fluery, the tabby cat, he was 4 months old when she adopted him just over a year now.

Cricket and Milo Visit Seattle

Cricket is a beautiful dog, who is blind. Milo is her best friend and seeing eye dog. Milo rides on Cricket's back telling her everything he sees. They go everywhere and love visiting new places. In this story, the two best friends decide to visit Seattle. They start their day with a ride on the Ferris wheel. Then walk through the Farmer’s Market, where they see flying fish and get flowers. Then their journey takes them up to the top of the Space Needle. After a wonderful adventure in the city they enjoy a hot dog before heading home. It is the first book in the Cricket and Milo series.

Cricket and Milo Visit London

Cricket and Milo Visit London is the second book of the ‘Cricket and Milo, series. In this delightful story, the two dogs fly across the pond to London. Milo rides along on Cricket’s back, guiding his blind friend through the city, telling her all the wonderful sights he sees. Their tour begins with a ride on red double decker bus. They see London Bridge and Buckingham Palace. They even ride on a motorcycle to Stonehenge! But that’s not all, there are other wonderful things they see while in London. Read along and enjoy where Cricket and Milo’s journey will take them.

Abigail has been kind enough to participate in 12 Paws Publishing, LLC’s “A Pawsitively Fun Holiday Giveaway” this month! Check out all the great books you can win and enter to win!

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You can follow Cricket, Milo, and Abigail’s journey on Facebook and Amazon.

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