Accountability and Goals~

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Accountability is probably the second most important thing when it comes to obtaining your goals. There are three points of accountability that I feel are necessary to achieve your highest potential. The first thing you should do is find your purpose and write down your goals that you want to achieve.

Most people will fail at their goals if they don't put a risk into what they are trying to achieve- why you may ask? Because they have nothing to lose. If there is no skin in the game, what is going to drive or motivate the person to push themselves out of their comfort zone. I have found myself, that investing more than my time, helps make me accountable. The money that I invest into my business, pushes me towards success. I have invested money into myself through courses, coaches, and marketing because I don't want to waste my money, and the positive pressure that these actions put on me is accountability.

You need to be accountable for your actions first, if you don't believe in yourself or want to push yourself- why would anyone else? Put something on the line that will force you to show up everyday, because you don't want to do what you said you would if you aren't. Example- I will meet my kickstarter campaign goal- if I don't then I will have to admit failure to all the people who did support me- my book won't be a reality. Just typing this was upsetting to me, and this will drive me to succeed because I don't want that to be a reality.

Second type of accountability is a coach, mentor, influencer, or friend. You need someone else to keep you accountable. There is nothing worse than knowing you are letting someone else down who was cheering you on for success. Find that person who will give you a boost of confidence, and be on the sideline cheering you on. Positive pressure is a good thing to have, it is a scary thing to put into place, and it will be worth it in the end. What sets you apart from other people will be your drive to succeed.

Third type of accountability is your followers and the people who invest in your products, courses, and business. What that looks like, will come from above- Your email lists, social media following, and people who look to you to continue to provide a product or service is accountability. IF you say your going to do something, make sure you do it because someone somewhere will be waiting for you to keep your word. As soon as you don't show up like you told your followers you would, your tribe of people will start to have doubts and may even stop supporting you. Don't do it! Keep your word, and don't let your fears hold you back. Be brave and power through this stage of weakness- You are strong and You can do this! I can guarantee you will be happy you did in the long run.

Let your passion for your project be your drive. Remember this is long term, don't expect immediate satisfaction. It takes time to build an audience and to build trust. Every time you invest money and time, you will see a return, but don't confuse that with putting out a product and not investing in it to wield the same results. Marketing and getting a coach are two very important factors in success, don't be afraid to invest in your vision.

Be Brave~ Share Positivity~ Get Creative ~ Have Courage


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