5 Tips to Reduce Stress in Children!

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

With the world we live in, I have found while treating children, that more and more children are on medications and seeing behavioral health specialists. Anxiety in children is on the rise and there are ways that parents and families can help reduce anxiety while going through their day to day.

1. Everyday in the morning or after school, you can play a feel good song and have a dance off in the kitchen to help release endorphins and create a safe space. Not only does it give you one on one interrupted time, but it also is a different approach then the hows your day.

2. Plan fifteen minutes of creativity that your child enjoys. This is help reduce stress and is proven to be a mood booster.

3. Use of essential oils and mediation or yoga as a way clearing the mind and letting go of the anxiety of the day. This helps channel the negative energy that could be creating the anxiety.

4. Give them something that they can do that is a big deal. Like baking or cooking, helping with the lawn. Give them something to be proud of doing. This is seen as a self confidence booster and will give them something to talk about the next day at school that they are proud of accomplishing.

5. Teach them something that they are interested in, build the skill and give them positive reinforcement. This will help them figure out what they like and don't like. Research shows this helps children relate to others in school or when with friends. The positive reinforcement is seen as a confidence booster as well!

Helping children become comfortable in their own skin at a young age is important as they continue to grow and become their own person. It allows them the freedom to be who they are and to reduce the stress and burden they carry as they go through life lessons. Remember they are always watching and repeating what their parents do!

Bringing them to a volunteer event is another life experience that will give them good feelings and help develop kindness, show them what humanitarian efforts are, and it enables them to see how other people live. It's an eye opening experience for them on multiple levels, children can relate their issues to things they've seen and it's great at gaining perspective. Maybe what I'm going through stinks, but it isn't like this, or that. Or they see how fortunate they are and it will help them gauge their feelings better. I find it is important to give back and use the experience as a learning one as well. Doing activities like this is great for family building and is a great show-do-tell. Mom and Dad make efforts to give back too! :) #anxiety #stress #family #reduce #children #tips #growingup

All of these items can be used for multiple things- is a scary first appointment coming up like going to the dentist or getting a hair cut. Are they trying out for a play or is it the first day of school?

I hope you can use these with your families and they help create a stronger bond and reduce the stress for your little ones and you!



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